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Dove siamoVia Clodoveo Cordoni 16/C - 12038 Savigliano (CN)
Numero Verde 800.200.045

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EUROTEC is a consortium company based in Savigliano (CN). It was formed in 1996 with the aim of carrying out the construction of buildings and infrastructure, gas, water and electricity distribution networks and telecommunications infrastructure (copper, fibre optics).

From the beginning, the Group's philosophy has been to bring together, within a single corporate entity, two complementary dimensions of production: craftsmanship, involving a high quality of service and extreme attention to the final product and industrial-level activity, characterized by efficient organisation and the continual optimization of production processes.

Our strength comes from the fusion of these two dimensions. This combination has produced a high level of creative energy in the company, led to increased service quality and generated widespread satisfaction among our target customers.

Today, EUROTEC is a group with a turnover of 55 million Euros. It consists of 500 employees working in 25 offices and facilities. It is a major actor within the field of international civil, industrial and urban construction.


Domestic Services

From installation and maintenance to technical assistance, from energy storage to remote-controlled heating systems, from building refurbishment and maintenance to energy supply: Eurotec offers a wide range of services for your home, all delivered by highly qualified professionals.

Business Services

Thanks to our long experience and the expertise of our group members, Eurotec provides excellent quality, professional services both to private companies and the public sector. We are able to undertake small and larger projects, telecommunications, maintenance services, transport, and energy services.



Industrial and public civil construction

The Eurotec Consortium has a specialized and highly competent division that carries out civil and industrial building design and construction.

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Heating and air conditioning

EUROTEC has extensive experience in the management, maintenance and installation of heating and air conditioning.

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Eni Energy Store

Since 2001 Eurotec collaborates with Eni providing thermal plants and maintenance to about 18,000 customers

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District heating

EUROTEC has extensive experience in the management, maintenance and installation of heating and air conditioning.

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Renewable energy

Through the use of renewable natural energy, EUROTEC aims to help optimise natural resource use

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We are at the forefront in the installation and maintenance of telephone systems, telecommunications, fibre optics and more.

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The EUROTECH Consortium is equipped with the vehicles necessary to efficiently and rapidly move inert materials.

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Data transmission

Construction of "turnkey" geographical and local data transmission systems, using copper and fibre optic media and cable systems

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