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District heating

Efficiency is the power that we run on.

EUROTEC owns and operates the district heating plant of Castellamonte, in the province of Turin.

The plant consists of two Tiba-Müller generators running on wood chips which have a maximum power generating capacity of 9 MW. The plant is located some distance from the town in order to minimize environmental impacts. It provides heat to more than 2,000 households and 50 institutional clients. EUROTEC also provides heat via district heating to users in Rivarolo Canavese (TO).


District heating involves the distribution of heat through a very valued carrier: water.

Heat from the production plant travels underground in the form of hot water through a series of networks to connected buildings. It represents a clean and economical way to produce and transfer heat to homes.

The district heating plant in Castellamonte can produce energy with high yields. It also limits emissions to those coming from one chimney instead of hundreds, thereby reducing overall pollution.


  • The high efficiency of these systems leads to significant costs savings for users
  • No fees for boiler monitoring
  • No adjustments due to regulation changes or need for periodic boiler replacement
  • Elimination of flues and therefore, the creation of additional space
  • Elimination of possible risks arising from the presence of a boiler inside a building



  • A district heated apartment enhances the value of a building and allows for better marketability than traditional options
  • The builder can take advantage of the benefits of eliminating boilers and connections, freeing up space for use in industrial or residential settings.
  • Ducts can be inserted within district heating pipes for use with fibre optic cabling or other innovative underground services in cities



Wood chip use involves zero-level carbon dioxide emissions. This has positive impacts on the regional hydro-geological profile. District heating also allows cost containment making it one of the most appealing renewable energy options for the future.


EUROTEC produces pellets from biomass at the Castellamonte energy plant. It can do this for third parties as well, making product marketing possible. 

Domestic Services

From installation and maintenance to technical assistance, from energy storage to remote-controlled heating systems, from building refurbishment and maintenance to energy supply: Eurotec offers a wide range of services for your home, all delivered by highly qualified professionals.

Business Services

Thanks to our long experience and the expertise of our group members, Eurotec provides excellent quality, professional services both to private companies and the public sector. We are able to undertake small and larger projects, telecommunications, maintenance services, transport, and energy services.



Industrial and public civil construction

The Eurotec Consortium has a specialized and highly competent division that carries out civil and industrial building design and construction.

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Heating and air conditioning

EUROTEC has extensive experience in the management, maintenance and installation of heating and air conditioning.

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Eni Energy Store

Since 2001 Eurotec collaborates with Eni providing thermal plants and maintenance to about 18,000 customers

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District heating

EUROTEC has extensive experience in the management, maintenance and installation of heating and air conditioning.

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Renewable energy

Through the use of renewable natural energy, EUROTEC aims to help optimise natural resource use

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We are at the forefront in the installation and maintenance of telephone systems, telecommunications, fibre optics and more.

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The EUROTECH Consortium is equipped with the vehicles necessary to efficiently and rapidly move inert materials.

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Data transmission

Construction of "turnkey" geographical and local data transmission systems, using copper and fibre optic media and cable systems

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