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Experience and innovative technologies for the telecommunications market

Through its association with GD Telecommunications, EUROTECH is one of the leading companies in Italy in the installation, maintenance and programming of telephone systems, fibre optics, WiFi and radio links.

The personnel we have available for civil works offer the best know-how and use of state-of-the- art equipment, such as earthmoving machinery for making mini-trenches. Our technicians also use the most innovative equipment on the market, such as Golden modem technology for managing business platforms.

GD Telecommunications has its headquarters in Pianezza (TO). It includes 137 employees in six divisions.


This group of technicians specializes in installation, maintenance and repair of traditional telephone lines and copper networks on behalf of the main telephone providers for private homes. Despite recent technological innovations, the demand for these services shows no sign of decreasing. There these kinds of networks still offer enormous advantages

Copper networks

This division is dedicated to copper networks and provides excavation, junction points and installation and maintenance, both aerial and underground. Maintenance activity addresses the entire route back to the central exchange and support station buildings.

Fibre optic networks

This division deals with cable laying, fibre-optic splicing and maintenance on behalf of Telecom Italy. This includes participation in the following projects: FTTCAB (fibre to the cabinet) involving the replacement of copper cable with optical fibre from the communication to street cabinet (LD- Line department); the futuristic FTTH (fibre to the home) destined to bring fibre optics directly into homes. This will offer even greater future innovations in telephony and data transmission for end users.

Mobile Radio

The Mobile Radio division carries out the following tasks on behalf of Telecom Italy and Vodafone Omnitel NV:

  • site research, designing, building and construction (including installation of micropiles), reinforcing existing poles, carpentry, electrical work and grounding, antenna systems and radio links for radio base stations and mobile phones, and the dismantling of existing base stations;
  • Installation & GSM DCS UMTS LTE Commissioning;
  • ordinary and special maintenance (construction, electrical and carpentry).

Upon the completion of the works mentioned above, EUROTEC certifies electrical work and grounding as required by the Director of Works.


The laying of optical fibre assumes the installation of the necessary devices. This may involve the construction of large dorsal rings. The equipment used by GD telecommunications are:

  • the WDM optical multiplexer and demultiplexer which transmit different signals via fibre optics band frequencies;
  • the ADM type which has the same function as the WDM but manages lower level optical or electrical signal flow;
  • the D.SLAM type that provides ADSL signals for SHDSL internet.


Special Projects

The section deals with copper and fibre optic cable networks for medium and large companies with branches in different regions. It provides installation for ADSL, SDSL and HDSL networks, linking all branches to the central system point. It also builds large computer networks (switches, routers, firewalls, etc.) using Cisco, Huawei, Tiesse Imola, Juniper and Tecnicolor devices. This division has also developed projects involving VOIP (voice over internet protocol) technology.

Contract work for Telecom Italy

EUROTEC, working with GD Telecommunications, has also carried out work on behalf of telephone operators including Sirti, Sielte and Alpitel. This was done under a contract with Telecom Italy in Piedmont, Lombardy, Sardinia, Liguria, Emilia Romagna and Calabria and included the following types of work:

  • laying cables and infrastructure construction;
  • roadworks and underground work;
  • dealing with subscriber systems and ad hoc remediation activity;
  • splicing copper wires.


EUROTEC manufactures and installs EU 2009/NGAN row structures for telephone exchanges and fibre-optic connections. These structures are used for new-generation telephone transmission (ADSL) equipment that needs more power than those normally used (ULL). Currently, these structures are being employed for use with telephone devices linked to the new Ngan fibre-optic network in Italy. This network is connected to the Telecom and Wind BT telephone exchanges.

Domestic Services

From installation and maintenance to technical assistance, from energy storage to remote-controlled heating systems, from building refurbishment and maintenance to energy supply: Eurotec offers a wide range of services for your home, all delivered by highly qualified professionals.

Business Services

Thanks to our long experience and the expertise of our group members, Eurotec provides excellent quality, professional services both to private companies and the public sector. We are able to undertake small and larger projects, telecommunications, maintenance services, transport, and energy services.



Industrial and public civil construction

The Eurotec Consortium has a specialized and highly competent division that carries out civil and industrial building design and construction.

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Heating and air conditioning

EUROTEC has extensive experience in the management, maintenance and installation of heating and air conditioning.

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Eni Energy Store

Since 2001 Eurotec collaborates with Eni providing thermal plants and maintenance to about 18,000 customers

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District heating

EUROTEC has extensive experience in the management, maintenance and installation of heating and air conditioning.

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Renewable energy

Through the use of renewable natural energy, EUROTEC aims to help optimise natural resource use

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We are at the forefront in the installation and maintenance of telephone systems, telecommunications, fibre optics and more.

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The EUROTECH Consortium is equipped with the vehicles necessary to efficiently and rapidly move inert materials.

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Data transmission

Construction of "turnkey" geographical and local data transmission systems, using copper and fibre optic media and cable systems

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