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TRANSPORT MASTER was founded as a company in 1993. In 2007, it acquired PG MASTER becoming a unique entity with 32 transportation vehicles for road and construction use and several trailers.
The fleet operated by MASTER specifically consists of:

  • 10 road vehicles;
  • 18 vehicles for use in heavy construction, including snow-removal vehicles;
  • 3 four-axle vehicles;
  • 1 lorry
  • 3 tankers for transporting liquids.


The company is capable of providing transport and third-party handling of inert materials and equipment and machinery. It is capable of transporting non-hazardous waste and has authorization for this from the Register of Environmental Managers in Turin. It has specific authorization for handling dirt, rocks, packaging, plastic and iron.

MASTER's strong points include:

  • experience and reliability in the field
  • promptness in executing works due the numerous vehicles and operating means it has at its disposal
  • timely preparation of the documents necessary for authorizing the use of transport on construction sites
  • 18 vehicles for heavy construction with a 40-ton capacity which can be used on construction sites with roads
  • 10 vehicles for road transport which have a 30-ton capacity;
  • 3 four-axle vehicles which can be easily managed on smaller construction sites and with steeper ramps.



The company carries out transport and handling in the regions of Piedmont, Liguria and Lombardy.

In recent years, both companies have done work in Lombardy. These have included important projects for the clients listed below. This work required the training of personnel and the provision of special documents (white list, anti-mafia, traceability of financial flows, etc.) for access to construction sites and permission to operate.

In winter, MASTER Transport also uses its vehicles to carry out snow removal at the Milan Malpensa Airport and on the Torino-Savona and Asti-Cuneo Motorways and the Turin ring road. This kind of work requires the installation of special blades tested for use on tractors. It also requires the necessary approval by the relevant authorities authorizing motorway work.

Important works undertaken during 2013-2014:


Milan-Bergamo-Brescia Motorway (General Contractor: BBM CONSORTIUM)

Outer ring road east of Milan (General Contractor: ARCOTEEM CONSORTIUM)


LAMBRO Worksite


(ATI between Viglietti Ltd. - Somoter Ltd. - Pg Master Ltd. - Master Transport Ltd.)

Modernisation and adjustments for the A4 Torino-Milano, lot 2.2


Transport contracts for numerous types of services for many years including:

Snow removal on the ASTI-CUNEO motorway


New Eastern External Bypass, Milan, lot A

LAMBRO Worksite


Responsibility for part of a civil works project for the construction of a rail link between the cities of Treviglio and Brescia. This included, in particular, the completion of civil works connected to the AV/AC line in the province of Bergamo.


EXPO 2015 worksite


Among the works in progress are:


We carry out various kinds of transport linked to land reclamation including the transport of pergola structures using authorized vehicles.


The Turin Metro


High speed


Construction of the Milan-Genoa AV/AC line


Domestic Services

From installation and maintenance to technical assistance, from energy storage to remote-controlled heating systems, from building refurbishment and maintenance to energy supply: Eurotec offers a wide range of services for your home, all delivered by highly qualified professionals.

Business Services

Thanks to our long experience and the expertise of our group members, Eurotec provides excellent quality, professional services both to private companies and the public sector. We are able to undertake small and larger projects, telecommunications, maintenance services, transport, and energy services.



Industrial and public civil construction

The Eurotec Consortium has a specialized and highly competent division that carries out civil and industrial building design and construction.

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Heating and air conditioning

EUROTEC has extensive experience in the management, maintenance and installation of heating and air conditioning.

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Eni Energy Store

Since 2001 Eurotec collaborates with Eni providing thermal plants and maintenance to about 18,000 customers

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District heating

EUROTEC has extensive experience in the management, maintenance and installation of heating and air conditioning.

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Renewable energy

Through the use of renewable natural energy, EUROTEC aims to help optimise natural resource use

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We are at the forefront in the installation and maintenance of telephone systems, telecommunications, fibre optics and more.

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The EUROTECH Consortium is equipped with the vehicles necessary to efficiently and rapidly move inert materials.

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Data transmission

Construction of "turnkey" geographical and local data transmission systems, using copper and fibre optic media and cable systems

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